nicht-mehr und noch-nicht (no more and not yet), 2018 / angle grinder housing, blade, stepper motor, loudspeaker, microcontroller, batteries / laying pedestal: MDF, lacquer

An angle grinder is placed on a bench-like pedestal. The plug seems to have just been pulled and the blade is slowly turning off. A continuously falling motor noise sound from inside the machine. However, the short phase of fading away between shutdown and its resting state does not end, time seem to stand still. The self-sufficient machine thus extends that brief moment of passing into an eternity of the moment between not-yet and no more. The electronics of the angle grinder have been replaced by new electronics that imitate the actual machine. It generates the slow rotation of the blade and the falling tone, the so-called shepard scale: an impression of a continuously falling tone without audible jumps. The in-built powerbank lasts ten hours until it has to be recharged.