Lorenz Pasch is born 1990 in Krefeld, and lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg. He studied with the classes of Friederike Feldmann (Kunst­hoch­schule Berlin Weißen­see), Hei­mo Zo­ber­nig (Aka­de­mie der bil­den­den Küns­te Wien) and Mar­tin Boy­ce (Hoch­schu­le für bil­den­de Kün­ste Ham­burg). Pasch is a member of the Stu­dien­stif­tung des deutsch­en Vol­kes since 2017. Recently he has been awarded the Mart Stam Prize 2020 for graduates of the Kunst­hoch­schu­le Ber­lin Weiß­en­see and received the Re­cher­che­sti­pen­di­um 2021 of the city of Ber­lin. In 2019 he was given the so­no­to­pia award of distinction and has been invited by the Beet­ho­ven foundation Bonn to participate on the project sonicexplorers. A sound art residency that took place at Kooshk in Teheran, Iran, and at the Künst­ler­for­um in Bonn, Germany. Most of his exhibitions have been in Germany and Berlin. He has had solo presentations at Plattenpalast, gallery Dzialdov and sox-berlin.